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Lumos Main Community
17th-Nov-2008 07:46 pm - NOTICE
Fashion - black

For the beginning of Term 13, lumos_main and its subsidiaries have gone through a massive culling of inactive members. If you did NOT reply to the roll call posted by your Head of House/Prefect in your common room, you have been removed from lumos_main and will be removed from its subcommunities shortly. There are a handful of you who escaped my scissors because you've posted to a current discussion thread or you have sorted in the past few weeks.

If you were accidentally removed or are returning from an extended hiatus, please visit this post and post beneath your respective House comment.

That being said, I am obligated to remind EVERYONE of some rules we would like for every member to be aware of:

1] Even if you join no other subcommunity, membership to lumos_main and your Common Room are REQUIRED. I cannot stress this enough - Main and the CRs are where we conduct contests and community business, as well as discussions both of a frivolous and serious nature. We do not spam these communities, with a minor exception for ending and beginning of terms, which happen once every three months.

2] ALL hiatus and leaving posts MUST BE LEFT IN lumos_ministry USING THE PROPER FORMAT PROVIDED IN THE USERINFO. This is to prevent aforementioned spamming of the other subcomms, namely Main. Ministry is for that kind of administrative business, so please make use of my coding and pleading. I don't just do this for my sake - please be considerate of community members' flists.

Any questions/comments/concerns may be left as screened comments to the Ministry inquiry/complaint post.

~ Samantha Cate || Deputy Headmistress
8th-Apr-2008 09:19 pm - Hufflepuff Prefect Contest!
<lj user=pink_rapid>Puff Pride?
I actually found time to put my contest up, so without further ado...

Here it is!Collapse )
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